Property Styling

Property Styling

Styling a property is often one of the key elements in helping a potential buyer visualise the property as their own and imagine themselves living in, or renting out the property after a purchase. A well styled property gives potential buyers the “wow” factor when they first enter the home and can lift the appeal of an older style home giving it a modern feel.


We use neutral colours and furniture that will appeal to most tastes when styling a home in an attempt to give the widest spread of appeal to many customer types and demographics.  A well styled home should appeal to all customers from young to old, men, women, and a variety of cultures and tastes.


Small steps such as removing personal photos from walls and taking away anything that is of an acquired taste can immediately boost and widen the appeal of a property, in turn helping increase a property’s potential value and giving it a better chance of selling quicker.


We have contacts in the furniture rental industry and can get great rates on renting items such as couches, desks, beds, tables, artworks, and more to freshen up your home and to find the perfect buyer and the perfect price. We are an affordable property styling Sydney company that is going to make sure you follow the right path to sell your house for the price you expect.

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