Window Washing

Window Washing

Just like a car, cleaning the windows of your property is a very easy way of making it look new again. Not only do clean windows look good from the outside, the view from the inside is also unobstructed by built up dirt, dust, or smudges. Clean windows will give off a well maintained feel to potential buyers, sometimes without them realising why the home seems so well maintained.


Window washing can generally be performed by the homeowner until the windows are in hard to reach areas such as on multilevel properties or windows that are in hard to reach locations. We have all the necessary equipment to clean your windows as well as safety equipment such as harnesses and ropes if climbing is required to reach the windows that need to be cleaned.


We only use environmentally friendly detergents when cleaning your windows to keep our environment happy and to ensure children, animals or anyone for that matter are not negatively affected by our processes.


As well as window cleaning we can also clean your fly screens and wash the exterior of your property to further improve the look and appeal.

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