Indoor Painting

Indoor Painting

A fresh coat of paint can truly transform the interior of a property and is generally one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of modernising a home. A newly painted interior can help set your property apart from others that feature tired paintwork and that appear like “fixer uppers”. Many buyers simply want to move in and start living as opposed to painting as soon as they make a purchase.


We can handle paintwork of a range of styles and can help you select appropriate colours that will work towards helping net a better sale price come auction day. Generally neutral colours that everyone will enjoy are your best bet when painting a property that is about to hit the market. Buyers can be easily off put by bright colours or colours of an acquired taste. Over use of colours can also be a turn off for potential buyers.


When it comes to painting a property, the eye is truly in the detail. We take time thoroughly prepping surfaces for painting so that come time to lay the first coat, we get nothing, but a perfect outcome free from dust and contaminates. Contaminates such as dust or mould are removed leaving a clean surface as a base.


We are fully insured and provide only the best quality paints for a long lasting coat that will look as good as new over years to come if cared for correctly.

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