We supply a diverse range of flooring options and can help you with all aspects of installing new flooring in your property. We help with the selection of materials, purchase of materials, and the physical installation of your selected flooring type.


All of our flooring work is warranted to add piece of mind to customers wanting a long lasting, quality solution. The length of warranty periods vary dependent on the style of flooring selected.


Carpet Laying


Carpet is generally used in living areas such as bedrooms and living rooms. Carpet is very popular for both it’s superior comfort levels as well as noise reduction properties.


Our team will measure the relevant areas of your property, quote you a fixed cost for installation and help you select an appropriate carpet style that will help increase the visual appeal of your property and in turn its perceived value to potential buyers. Once an appropriate carpet colour and style is selected, our team will handle the entire installation of both the underlay and carpet.


Timber Floors


We are able to install both laminate and hard wood flooring to suit your needs. Timber floors ad a sense of luxury to homes and can in many cases have a large impact on modernising the look of a unit or house.


Laminate or engineered floor boards are a “floating” style board laid out over a concrete slab or existing surface. This is generally the most cost effective option of adding timber flooring to your home. These types of floor boards are very durable and snap together in a “building block” style.


Traditional hardwood flooring is more expensive, but truly ads a deep sense of atmosphere to a home and can in many cases last a lifetime. Generally customers who opt for this style timber flooring are after a bespoke look or are trying to preserve the originality of a property.


In either case, timber flooring can certainly transform your property and provide a hard wearing solution for high traffic areas.




We can handle your interior and exterior tiling needs. Whether the job requires re-tiling a bathroom, adding floor tiles to an alfresco dining area, or replacing cracked or worn tiles, we have you covered.


Tiles are arguably the hardest wearing style of flooring and help bring a light and cool feel to a property. Many customers opt for tiling in high traffic areas or areas that require a hard wearing surface as tiles are known for their longevity.


Many customers worry about sound rating of tiles, but with modern underlay, we can ensure your neighbors or family downstairs won’t hear the pitter patter of your footsteps all day long.



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