Pressure Cleaning Guide – Your Questions Answered

Pressure Cleaning Guide – Your Questions Answered

Northern Property Solutions are your local and professional Northern Beaches pressure cleaning team. Our crew use the latest equipment and techniques to bring your hard, outdoor surfaces back to life, looking as good as the day they were constructed.

What is pressure cleaning?

Our team  pressure clean hundreds of Northern Beaches properties every year, and are always asked the same few questions about the pressure cleaning process. We have put together a few key facts and answers about our services as a quick reference for anyone looking to have their Northern Beaches property pressure cleaned by the Northern Property Solutions team.

Pressure cleaning is the use of high pressure water to clean dirty surfaces. There are many styles of pressure cleaners to choose from, dependent on the situation and surface at hand. These include basic hand held electric pressure washers, petrol powered pressure washers, hot water pressure washers, and even pressure washers with built in “soaping” mechanisms that apply a chemical solution for tougher jobs.

Pressure cleaning can generally remove built up grime, dirt, mud, leaf stains, moss, chewing gum, dust and more, leaving the surface perfectly clean and as good as new. Generally chemicals are not needed as pressure washers can cut through almost all types of grime, however under special circumstances when dealing with particularly tough stains, environmentally friendly chemicals are used to further aid the pressure cleaner in bringing the surface back to as new condition.

Will pressure cleaning damage my surface?

Many people ask if pressure cleaning can damage their outdoor surfaces. In short the answer is yes. If a pressure cleaner is used incorrectly it can damage less durable surfaces. This is why it is important to use a professional company with years of experience and a proven track record. All Northern Property Solutions team members undergo specific training to ensure they provide the best results for our customers each and every time.

What types of surfaces do you pressure clean?

Pressure cleaning can typically be carried out on any durable, and hard surface. This includes concrete, brickwork, masonry, tiles, pavers, roof tiles, metal sheeting, and more. Most of our customers use our pressure cleaning services around their Northern Beaches homes in areas such as driveways, footpaths, roof tiles, retaining walls, pool surrounds and even tennis courts!

What are the benefits?

Apart from the instant face lift pressure cleaning can give a tired looking home, it can also help maintain your property and prevent future damage. Pressure cleaning your home at regular intervals can help preserve outdoor tiles, preventing heavy staining caused by leaves. It can also help prevent dirt buildup that captures moisture and that can over time cause rust, and / or mould in damp areas. Best of all, pressure cleaning can keep your outdoor surfaces safe! Moss buildup can make outdoor surfaces slippery and cause accidents if not dealt with quickly.  

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