WARNING! Roof Maintenance – Things you must know!

WARNING! Roof Maintenance – Things you must know!

Big repairs or replacement to your roof can be very expensive. Northern Property Solutions strongly recommend you to invest in the maintenance of your roof!  We know that during a busy schedule most people rarely check their roofs, which can be very difficult to monitor and maintain. You can contact your local Roof Maintenance Northern Beaches team to do the difficult work for you and give you some peace of mind about your roof.

Check out these handy tips for roof maintenance:


  • Look for missing, damaged or curling shingles and any other sign of wear and tear. It is easy and cheap to change when noticed early.
  • Clean the gutters. Check for breaks or gaps in the seams and make sure that the bracket holding the gutters against the house are securely attached.
  • Check for signs of fungus or algae. If it starts appearing in your house, install zinc or lead control strips.
  • Inspect metal areas for rust. You can them prime and paint the metal.
  • Examine the flashing to make sure it’s solid. Flashing is a prime target for leaks simply because it’s covering a hole in the roof.
  • Seal any cracked mortar or caulking around joints and chimneys, if it appears to be deteriorating.
  • Keep in mind that threes that are growing too close to the house can be a hazard to your roof.
  • Look for animals damage.
  • Inspect the attic. The underside of the roof is where you’re most likely to spot leaks before they become too serious.
  • Avoid walking on the roof. You can damage a roof by walking on it very easily.


It is imperative to have your roof maintenance up to date and checked regularly.  In late autumn fall look for leaves and other debris on the roof and in the gutters. It is also important to inspect the roof after any heavy storms. The roof is responsible for protecting the home, and as a result, it endures substantial wear and tear. All this elements can cause considerable damage to the roof and put its structural integrity in jeopardy.
Schedule a professional inspection today. Our gutter cleaning and roof maintenance services can be performed as a once off service or can be booked in on a regular, recurring basis to keep your roof in top notch condition all year round. Contact Northern Property Solutions and avoid big repairs and headaches in your life: 1300 481 363.

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